Mid-West Chapter of Neurological Surgeons

Message From Founder

With most humbless i like to express my feelings, my gratitude towards the close assemble of most vibrant group of Maharashtra & Goa. the idea and concept was formed in 2006- Nagpur- CME on Glioma – with ENT group or Atul Goel was the light House Torch to Guide and a nominal body/or a group was formed with the title “Maharashtra Chapter of Neurological Surgeans” – MCNS – which Converted into “Midwest Chapter of Neurological Surgeans” in Jan 2016 .There  were 7 Trustees.

We are proud that this small plumule of 6 member – now grown up in youth with more than 250 life members , honourable members 7 Associate member and 12 conferences on its credit .The 12’th MCNS 2022 Conference was held at wardha &  tadoba with overheld & grand success after the covid pendemic. 9 am overwhelmed with the feeling of proud father or parents of MCNS, Long Live MCNS

Dr. Shyam Babhulkar

Founder MCNS