Mid-West Chapter of Neurological Surgeons


Message From Founder President

I welcome you all to the official website of our ever-growing and vibrant society. It will be a live forum to showcase our work, highlight our activities and achievements and plan our future. I am sure that the site will be as pulsatile as is the society. The society boasts of having leaders in the field and young learners who are amongst the best. 

There is one thing common in all of us. There is a desire to achieve surgical excellence and train others, a commitment to increase scientific understanding of the disorders we treat, and the child-like excitement of using new technological tools. This society is a forum of free thoughts and expressions, intellectual vigor and more than anything else a feeling of togetherness and affectionate camaraderie. In such a democracy of intellect (Jacob Bronovisky’s phrase), no one is superior or inferior, wise or otherwise, but one and all are fellow travelers in search of clinical clarity, investigative efficiency, operative competence, and fiscal wisdom. The focus of our neurosurgical life is the patient, towards whose welfare and benefit we all neurosurgeons should strive. Such an approach cuts down on individual ego trips, which in any case are an anathema to academic advancement.  For our neurosurgery to grow technically, conceptually and philosophically, it is the persona of the neurosurgeon and not the walls or machines that matters.

All in all, neurosurgery in India in general, and in Maharashtra in particular, has come of age and promises to do progressively better. India’s unity in diversity of caste, creed, religions, and culture is a panorama to behold, and a positive strength for the whole nation. Petty parochialism seems to give way to widening democracy of intellect, permitting progressive growth of academics.  

It is a journey toward excellence, not a destination. With all the gloss and glitter of the most sophisticated, highly technicized and greatly revered discipline of neurosurgery, a cardinal note of humility appears imperative. A sense of humility is not a badge of honor or flaunted at meets but is a trait that must be cultivated from the very teething young to the acme of academic laurels and achievements.  The least modest practitioners of the least modest discipline should logically and philosophically exercise in their thoughts and action, the wisdom that accrues from rational humility. Once rationalized, humility no longer remains a virtue but turns into an ingrained habit or a trait. It is sacrosanct, and all that neurosurgery excels in, is the trio of imagery, access, and procedure; having done that, the neurosurgeon is left to ponder and pray much like Ambroise Pare: “I dressed the wound, God healed the wound”.



Dr. Atul Goel