The aims and objectives of the organization shall be:

To maintain the highest standard in ethics and practice in all the fields of Neurosurgery.

To maintain this high standard, every endeavor shall be made to give adequate training to those who are properly qualified.

To promote and encourage research in all fields of Neurosurgery.

To receive and accept donations, gifts, grants, or contributions in kind and cash from a person or persons, associations, societies, companies, authorities or Government for the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Society.

To publish an official journal of MCNS for the benefit of the members and society at large.

Any other programs with due permission of the Executive Body.

To organize Annual Conference and oration every year of 2-3 days duration.

To organize symposiums on various topics for the benefit of members and society at large.

To institute and give awards to papers presented by contestants personally in conferences organized by MCNS.

To take suitable steps for protecting the interest of members with regard to consumer protection.

To constitute a task force to look into various matters including collaborative or cooperative studies in the field of Neurosurgery.

To get affiliated with appropriate National and International Societies and Organizations as decided by the Executive Committee.