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About the MCNS

Neuro Pioneers: The MCNS Story

With utmost humility, I would like to express my sentiments and deep appreciation for the remarkable group of individuals from Maharashtra and Goa. The seeds of this vibrant community were sown in 2006 during the Glioma CME in Nagpur, where Dr. Atul Goel, an eminent ENT specialist, served as our guiding light. As a result, a modest organization known as the “Maharashtra Chapter of Neurological Surgeons” (MCNS) was formed, with seven dedicated trustees at its helm.

Today, we take immense pride in witnessing the tremendous growth of MCNS. What started as a small group of six members has now blossomed into a dynamic community with over 250 life members, along with seven honorable members and seven associate members. Over the years, MCNS has successfully organized twelve conferences, each contributing to its illustrious journey.

The crowning achievement came in the form of the 12th MCNS Conference in 2022, held in Wardha and Tadoba. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was a resounding success, leaving us filled with overwhelming pride, akin to that of parents witnessing their child’s accomplishments. We fervently hope for the enduring prosperity of MCNS, a testament to the dedication and passion of its members.

Long live MCNS, the pioneering force in the field of neurology!


The mission of the Midwest Chapter of Neurological Surgeons (MCNS) is to advance the field of neurological surgery through collaboration, education, and innovation. We strive to promote excellence in patient care, foster professional development among our members, and contribute to the advancement of neurosurgical knowledge and techniques. Our mission is to serve as a platform for networking, sharing expertise, and supporting the growth and progress of neurological surgery in Maharashtra, Goa, and beyond.



  1. Excellence: We uphold the highest standards of excellence in neurological surgery, providing exceptional patient care and pursuing groundbreaking research.
  2. Collaboration: We believe in the power of teamwork and cooperation, fostering interdisciplinary interaction among professionals to achieve better outcomes.
  3. Education: We promote continuous learning and knowledge-sharing, organizing educational programs to enhance the skills and expertise of our members.
  4. Innovation: We embrace new ideas and technologies, encouraging research and the adoption of advanced techniques to push the boundaries of neurological surgery.
  5. Integrity: We prioritize patient safety, respect, and ethical conduct in all our interactions, maintaining the highest level of professionalism.
  6. Community Engagement: We actively engage with the community, collaborating with other organizations and supporting initiatives that promote neurological health and well-being.

EC Committee MCNS


Dr. Sushil Patkar (2022-23)  President
Dr. Dattaprasanna Katikar (2022-23) President Elect
Dr. Milind Dunakhe (2022-25) Secretary
Dr. Anand Dank (2022-25) Treasurer
Dr. Jagdhane Nitin Executive Committee Members (2022-25)
Dr. Amol Devgaonkar Executive Committee Members (2022-25)
Dr. Anil Patil Executive Committee Members (2022-25)
Dr. Sagar Rotte Executive Committee Members (2022-25)
Dr keki Turel (President 2021-22)
Dr Atul Goel (Founder President)
Dr Shyam Babhulkar Founder

Mid-West Chapter of Neurological Surgeons

A society of Neurosurgeons from Maharashtra & Goa

Registered With Deputy Charity Commissioner

Government of Maharashtra Act 1860 clause 21 Reg. No. MAH-464 /16(N) Dated 08/06/2016.

Registration Trust

as per Bombay Public Trust rule 1950/clause 29. Deputy Charity commissioner’s office, Government of Maharashtra No. F-34391 (N) – To Dr. Shyam K. Babhulkar Dated 30/07/2016.


AAETM5567G – 2016


Tax Deduction A/C No – NGPM08498A-2017

Gstin Reg. No

27AAETM5567G1Z9 on D 29/09/2017

Mcns-mmc Accrediation Code

MMC201806172 – January 2018

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mcns2006@gmail.com – Incorporation : 0000

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